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Can I use one of your TMNT drawings as a picture for my blog? I think your art is really good and adorable and I wanted to ask if it's ok with you.

 I would be delighted to have more people enjoying my art. I will gladly grant you the right to use my art on your web site under the following
      conditions: You will show my credit near my artwork

Thanks ☆(google translate


あなたのブログはとても面白くてかわいいと思う! Keep it up! ところで、私も「アルティメット・スパイダーマン」が大好きだった! ☆

ありがとうございます(*>ω<*)私は最近Mutant Turtles 2012とDisk Wars:Avengersを見ています💛

Thank you for sending me message in Japanese!

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